Baseball Balance for Hitting, Throwing, and Fielding

Developing great baseball balance is essential. Many ballplayers play flatfooted, keeping their weight on their heels. Following is an easy drill for ballplayers to keep their head slightly forward, so they remain on the balls of their feet and the drill works for hitting, throwing, and fielding.

Coaches simply set an object like a folded small towel, a sponge, or even an old flattened tennis ball under the heel portion of players shoes and duct tape it there as seen here. This drill keeps players on the balls of their feet, as they will have the slight tilt forward, necessary for good athletic balance.

I especially like this drill for hitting as it has players land with their front toe and ball of foot landing first before the weight shift and swing and for pitchers, who fly open and land heel first. Pitchers should use this drill for flat ground pitching only.

Baseball Balance

Baseball Balance

After practicing a while with the underfoot object, players take it off their shoes and will have better balance, or at least a better idea of balance, after removing it.

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