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5 Baseball Tips for Kids to Reach their Potential

“Can you make my son a major leaguer?” I wish I had a buck or two for every time I have been asked that. My response is always the same, “No, only he can do that.” However, I believe I can show players the essential baseball tips for kids and drills that major league players have, that helped them get to the major leagues. My journey to the major leagues, as well as from my 24 years of baseball instructing is the reason I feel qualified for that. Unfortunately, even the hardest working, willing student has no guarantee of making it to the highest level, as great genetic makeup is also necessary. Athletes must be fundamentally sound and be among the biggest, strongest, and fastest athletes, to have a chance at the highest level. 

The good news is that it is not all about only helping players to reach the major leagues. Baseball coaches are there to give players a great baseball experience and for helping them reach their potential.

Rephrasing the original question, “What are the most essential baseball tips for kids that coaches provide to help players reach their potential?”

Top Baseball Tips for Coaching

  1. Use safety balls often, when kids are young and learning the fundamentals. The risk of painful injury reduces greatly for fielding and hitting with softer game-like baseballs. Because of that, coaches can challenge players more with the ability to build good mechanics and confidence in a quicker manner.
  2. Learn how to use a baseball-batting tee correctly and teach players to use it like a golfer uses the driving range – before games to warm up and perform drills, and after games to correct fundamentals and make necessary adjustments. Batting practice helps players develop timing and bat control, but does not alter incorrect batting fundamentals like batting tee and short flip drills do.
  3. Coach as many baseball drills as possible to help avoid boredom from setting in when practicing. Also, adding little competitive contests to drill and baseball skill work helps to  keep kids engaged and challenged.
  4. Develop correct throwing mechanics at a young age and throw, throw and throw – staying mindful of rest days and tired arms, of course.
  5. Practice fielding as much as hitting and learn to play as many positions as possible, when young. Many a players careers ended prematurely because they were limited in the defensive areas.

These baseball coaching tips for kids are essential for player development.


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