Monday Motivational Tip of the Day – Parenting Suggestions to Find Motivation

 All baseball players have different levels of interest and motivation. This does not mean that parents cannot take steps to help kids develop more of these factors. Pleading with them, pushing them and deriding them because they do not show those qualities is never good, but helping kids find motivation is good..

Of course, the best way to interest and motivate is through achievement – success motivates like no other. With that in mind the following are good ways to help kids achieve, with the hope that increased interest and motivation result.

find motivation

find motivation

1. Have players attend an off season, quality camp – a good program will stress instruction and fun, which are the keys for youth sports. In season camps often over load kids already busy schedule.

2. Look for a great, respected coach in the area – this can revitalize players’ interest.

Knowledge and confidence can turn attitude around. Good camps and fundamental coaches should provide this knowledge and confidence

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