Wednesdays Web Gems Tips – Memorable Baseball Infield Drill

Nothing is more important for baseball infielders than the idea of staying down. Sometimes giving players a visual image that they will not forget is a great teaching tool. The following baseball infield drill fits the bill and gives coaches a quick fix term to use during the season. The concept of staying down begins with approaching ground balls with the head low, keeping the waist bent and running on the balls of the feet.  Many young fielders begin in ready position but straighten up when moving to the ball, creating a long way down and much head movement as they are about to catch the ball. A good way to help young players learn to move to ground balls by staying down is with this baseball infield drill.

baseball infield drill



Bed Sheet Baseball Infield Drill

Coach brings an old bed sheet to practice. Four players hold the sheet taut and a foot or two in front of the fielder and at eye level or slightly lower. Coach rolls slow balls to fielder where they must approach ball without letting their head touch the sheet. Of course, this same method can be used for going to the left and right by having sheet-holders off to one side or other.

This is a great baseball infield drill to use at one of the very first season practices or to help those players, who simply cannot break the straightening up habit when fielding. Coaches simply can yell, “Remember the sheet baseball infield drill” or ‘Stay under the sheet” as a reminder to players.

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