Ultimate Key to Baseball Success is not a Mental Thing

Do not forget this, the key to baseball success does not start in a player’s

If I have heard this statement once from parents I have heard it a thousand times, “It’s in his/her head” or “It’s mental.” Maybe they are right but there is a good chance it was put in their head from the adult saying something to that effect. I always respond with give them the correct fundamentals and I will take my chances with what is in the player’s head, it is the only way for sustained baseball success.

Key to baseball success

Key to baseball success

Of course, talent and God-given athleticism have a big role but without ever learning the correct fundamentals of a skill, baseball players have little chance to be as good as they can be. Natural talent and even hard work can only take players so far. The ultimate key to baseball success is performing the correct fundamentals. Players, who perform the correct fundamentals, usually develop into the mentally toughest baseball players.

Many athletes have proven that they can overcome natural talent with hard work but only with the adherence to good fundamentals. Focus, determination, concentration, confidence usually fall in line the better a player’s mechanics and ultimately, baseball success follows

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