Thursday Throwing Tips – Thinking Down the Road

It is difficult for youth baseball pitchers to get movement from a fastball at a young age and because a four-seam grip is faster than a two seam, kids tend to neglect the two-seam fastball. However, there will come a time when the movement from a two-seam grip is necessary, especially for those who pitch into high school.

two-seam fastball 日本語: ツーシームの握り

two-seam fastball 日本語: ツーシームの握り (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Because of that, youth baseball coaches should insist that kids continue to work on different baseball pitches, even though they may not be ready to use those pitches in games. This holds the same for the changeup – even if kids slow their arm down somewhat when throwing – kids should continue to use it. It will only help their future. Good coaches and players realize that baseball is always a work in progress and they should think down the road.


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