Sunday Setting Sights on Success Tip of the Day – Hitting Line Drives to increase Chances of Successful Hitting 

The following knowledge helps players understand the importance of keeping the odds in their favor for successful hitting.

successful hitting

successful hitting


65 to 75 % of line drives are hits, where only 20 to 30% of ground balls, 15 to 25% of fly balls, 5% of pop ups and 0% of strikeouts are hits. Teaching young players these stats are the first thing I do before performing batting tee work. Why?  To show the importance of hitting line drives and especially on the batting tee – I follow that up with, “If you can’t hit line drives consistently on the tee, what makes you think you will hit them on pitched balls?

Successful hitting begins with line drives and on the batting tee. Players should not settle and become satisfied with hitting the ball solidly off the tee when they are not line drives with backspin – a slight upward angle to the batted balls are necessary. Hitters must  keep the odds in their favor and practice until line drives are the result in at least eighty percent of their hits off a batting tee.

Additionally, these line drives should be the result on balls placed at different batting tee heights and locations. The ability to hit solid shots on various tee placements is a great sign of a great swing, necessary for successful hitting.




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