Focusing on the Good Pitches When Hitting a Baseball is Key 

Avoiding the Scary Roller Coaster

Of course, there is no one secret to hitting a baseball consistently well, but a combination of physical ingredients and mental focus to arrive at hitting a baseball for base hits.

Hitting can be scary because right when a baseball player thinks he has it figured out the bottom falls out and he has to begin the slow climb up again. Of course, one can only hope the drop does not get them a seat on the bench. It is very common for a hitting slump to occur after going on a hitting streak because players start believing hitting is easy and that they can hit anything. They start taking things for granted and begin swinging at any pitch believing they can handle it.

hitting a baseball

Secret of hitting a baseball – Image via Wikipedia

As Ted Williams wrote in his book, a major key to hitting a baseball is getting a good pitch to hit. So true, as I often tell my students that I would rather have my “B-Swing” (Slightly less than perfect) and swing at a good pitch than have the perfect swing and chase tough pitches. The odds of hitting the baseball hard are best when hitters get a good pitch to hit. What are good pitches? Generally, in the middle portion of the plate beginning about 4 inches above the knees and ending a couple of inches above the waste. The best way to avoid the roller coaster of hitting a baseball, or at least to stay on the upward climb, is to focus on getting good pitches to hit.

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