Throwing Warm-up Advice – Gradually Bringing Throwing Up to Speed

Teach players how to use the clutch and not just gun it during throwing warm-up, if you want to keep healthy arms and ready arms for games.

The arm should be warmed up just like a car switches gears – gradually moving up in speed. After a little stretching, players begin with 5 to 8 throws in first gear (up to 30% of top speed), then 5 or so throws in 2nd gear (up to 50%), followed by 5 or so throws in third gear (up to 75%) and finally 5 or so throws in 4th gear (90 to 100%).

throwing warm-up

throwing warm-up

Players should back up some as they throw at least to the distance between the bases. When players extend that distance, a few less throws can be taken, Too many warm up throws may lead to unnecessary fatigue, overuse and sore arms. These 25 to thirty throws should be sufficient for most arms to get loose, saving arm use for many throws during practice or games.

Failure to warm-up correctly may lead to arm injury and definitely does not have ballplayers ready for game throws. Coaches have the responsibility to help kids understand how to warm the arms up properly, to protect players’ arms and for having them ready from the first pitch of the game on.



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