Motivational Monday Tip of the Day – Group Think

A famous saying that I always remember, even though I am not sure who said it, is, “They can because they think they can.” What a great definition of success. Thinking he could is how David beat Goliath, along with all the upsets that occur day in and day out in sports. It is also what separates the great form the average. However, what is important is that the saying says “they” and not he or she. It implies that it takes a “group thought” mentality that makes teams believe in themselves to overcome challenges.

Good coaches teach “team” and the power that a group can have as opposed to individuals. Good coaches know how to address the team as a whole without singling out individuals. Good coaches say  “We” have to improve on this and that and not “You.” Getting players to think as a group and not as individuals is the sign of a good coach.

Of course, good coaches talk to players one on one to help them understand the correct way of doing things, also.

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