Sunday Setting Sights on Success Tip of the Day – Reading Drills for Baseball

Reading drills for baseball are crucial for baseball success on offense and on defense. It is difficult to read when one’s eyesight is bad. This is especially true for baseball players, where eyesight is crucial. Of course, players do not have to read the lineup card, as coaches do, but they must be able to “read the ball.” Before the season, I always recommend that parents have players eyes checked. Many times I have seen players play baseball for years only to find out their eyes were not up to par.

reading drills for baseball

reading drills for baseball


The sooner players can read (recognize) the location, speed and spin on pitched balls, the better hitter they can be. Additionally, it is important that fielders can read the angle of the bat at contact, as well as the initial direction and flight of the ball, so they can get the necessary jump on the batted ball.


Beyond having good eyes, this baseball recognition can be practiced with the following baseball reading drills (these can be done individually or in groups of players)


Hitting Reading Drills for Baseball

Set players behind a screen located directly behind the catcher. With a pitcher on the mound players yell out ball or strike as soon as they know it. The object is to be the first player to recognize that. Coaches stand behind the pitcher to confirm the ball or strike afterwards. This drill can be done for different pitches also, as players yell out curve ball or change-up the second they recognize it.

Fielding Reading Drills for Baseball

Coaches set players at a position or at same position during batting practice. With every pitch, players either raise their left or right hand, or lean, in the direction of the pitch, when the batter doesn’t swing or in the direction of the angle of the bat at contact.

Continual practice of these reading drills for baseball lead to success at-bat and in the field, the goal of all players.



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