Motivational Monday Tip of the Day – Negative Adult Behavior

It is normal for parents to have some frustration when watching their kids perform because they care so much and most adults realize that overt criticism and negative behavior is not the way to go. However, what many of them do not realize is that young baseball players notice most of their non-overt actions, too. Little gestures like head shakes, rolling of the eyes, looking away, kicking the ground and ignoring their child after games are hurtful, even though parents might think their kids do not notice those gestures.

Female baseball players in the field, Brisbane...

Female baseball players in the field, Brisbane, 1938 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sometimes this negative adult behavior manifests itself with seeming innocuous statements like “You have to practice more” or “Why don’t you think out there” or “When I was your age I could already do (such and such).” Even parental comments said to a third person, but just loud enough for ballplayers to hear, are usually heard. However, they may as well be screamed at the top of their lungs because of how hurtful they can be to youth.

Instead why not, “I will practice with you, if you want,” or “Stay in the moment” and “Try this next time, it used to work for me” are much better motivating words.

It takes adult practice, but negativity rarely, if ever works, they are being seen and heard and taking the high road is the best way to help ball players.

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