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Baseball Tryouts Guide with a Twist

Some kids have such talent that they are “no brainer” picks for the team at baseball tryouts. Other players have very similar talent, making player choices much tougher. Following is a short guide that may help decide the team, especially when players appear equal.

baseball tryouts

Baseball tryouts suggestions for picking team

Baseball coaches award players one point for each of the following areas at the baseball tryouts and then add up their score. Of course, coaches can give added points to any of these areas, as they feel. Obviously, players with the highest scores make the team, but do not forget the twist.

Keys to Look for at Baseball Tryouts

  1. Coachable
  2. Hard working
  3. Not hard on themselves after errors
  4. Having fun
  5. More athletic than most
  6. Defensively flexibility (willing to play different positions)
  7. Arm strength
  8. Hitting fundamentals
  9. Arm strength
  10. Speed

Here is the baseball tryouts scoring with a twist. Once the tally is complete, coaches subtract one point from player’s score that have parents, who seem overly intense, and subtract two points for parents known to be too intense. Nothing disrupts a team more than having a player or players with over-bearing parents, even if they are the star player(s). Of course, baseball coaches have the responsibility of being as fair as possible and honest with players and parents.


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