Tuesday Hitting Tips – Is Switch Hitting worthTwo Headaches

 Many kids say they want to try switch-hitting. It is not something I discourage, if they really want to try it. Of course, my first thought is why want two headaches, as hitting is very difficult, but that remains unspoken.

There are few things to consider before having a players try switch hitting, with the main question being, why?

switch hitting

switch hitting

 Reasons to Try Switch Hitting


  1. Player is fast on feet, a right-handed batter and has very good hand eye coordination – this would be the top reason for switching hitting.
  2. Player seems to have trouble seeing the ball from the pitcher. Often players can develop an equally good swing from the other side, but seeing the ball in a comfortable manner from one side may be a problem. Some kids step in the bucket because they do not see the ball adequately from that side of the plate. When that is the case, players should stay with the side where they see the ball best.
  3. Curve balls are a problem – players with a lot of power can anticipate many curve balls as they move up the baseball ladder, so it may be wise to give switch-hitting a try.
  4. Young player just cannot seem to figure out the mechanics – this sometimes goes back to the seeing the ball issue as in number 2 above, or hitters have their week arm as their top hand. This latter issue, of putting the batter’s strong hand as their top hand, sometimes works to gain better hitting fundamentals.


Finally, when kids are sure they want to give switch hitting a try, I usually tell them to practice it for a long time before giving it a try in games, as often their coach is unhappy with the switch until they feel similar results will happen from the new side.

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