Friday Baseball Conditioning Tips Conditioning – It’s the Hands, Man

I often get the question of whether kids can increase hitting power and throwing velocity by lifting weights. Well, yes, when their hitting and throwing mechanics are correct.

Along with that question, this one often comes, “at what age should my son/daughter be lifting weights?” I am not an expert on physical fitness and what age is safe to begin lifting weights is a debate that will go on forever, I suppose. My response is generally that by the time ballplayers are teenagers they should be doing some form of strength training for baseball, but under supervision by a trained expert, at least initially.

[Chief Meyers, New York NL (baseball)] (LOC)

[Chief Meyers, New York NL (baseball)

However, there is no age too young to begin strength training for the hands.

So much of the bat speed and thrown-ball speed comes from the last body part that touches the bat and ball – the hands. Strong hands are crucial for baseball players of all ages.

Therefore, even beginner baseball players should, and can, work on hand and forearm strength by squeezing things and wrist rolls. Even simple things like squeezing water out of a towel and wrist curls with the baseball bat will help develop the necessary hand and forearm strength to increase bat speed and throwing velocity.

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