Friday Five Tool Tip – Bat Exercises to Build Strength

Bitter Sweet – Steps for Building Power

I am not a huge proponent of youth swinging the bat with a donut or any device that adds weight to the bat barrel, as it often causes young hitters to drag the bat through the hitting zone, drop the barrel too soon, and slow bat speed. However, I like the added weight for some conditioning drills that build strength in the hands, wrists, and forearms.

With added weight on the bat barrel: Click here to see video of drills

English: an exercise of shoulder

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Drill 1 – while holding the bat with their arm totally straight and right at their side, they raise the bat forward as high as they can using just the hand and wrist.

Drill 2 – have players do the same thing raising the bat up as high as possible to the rear.

Drill 3 – Players keep arm straight and bat held in any direction keeping the arm at shoulder height until they can no longer keep the barrel level to the ground.

Drill 4 – holding bat with two hands in normal hitting grip and straight out in front of them at shoulder height, players roll their wrists back and forth until they can no longer keep the bat head level.

Drill 5 – Have players raise bat slowly, to side or forward, up and down to shoulder height.



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