Hitting Drill – Learning Power Hitting Position

The following hitting drill helps young hitters understand a number of key hitting fundamentals. Additionally, this drill can be done with the batting tee, soft toss, or regular batting practice, making it a very useful hitting drill. However, with young hitters it should only be done with tee and soft toss work as it is not an easy baseball hitting drill.

Baseball Hitting Drill

baseball hitting drill

baseball hitting drill

Players time ball as normal, attack the ball normally but stop their swing at contact with the hands in the correct palm-up, palm-down position.

Reason for Baseball Hitting Drill

  1. As mentioned, by stopping in the correct hand position, it teaches hitters the correct power hittng position of the hips and hands. (see photo)
  2. With having to stop the swing at contact, it helps players let the ball travel deep into the hitting zone to make contact, as they are not extending through the ball.
  3. It also shows hitters the different points of contact based on the location of the pitch, if they stop the bat at contact correctly.
  4. The drill keeps the body and hands working together, without lunging with the upper body.

Finally, this stop-the-swing baseball hitting drill is great for hitters, who tend to roll their wrists at the contact position, a common hitting mistake for players of all ages.

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