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Team Fielding Drill is as Easy as 1,2,3,4,  

To get the most from the limited practice time available to baseball coaches, it is important to teach the game to multiple players as efficiently as possible. This team fielding drill works for that, as well as being a great warm-up drill for beginning of practice. The following fielding drill teaches ready position, fielding position and the crow hop.

team fielding drill

team fielding drill


 Coaches line the whole team up, arms distance apart, with a ball set down 15 to 20 feet in front of each player. Players begin in a relaxed position, until the coach says ready (1), at which time players get set into ready position, at the coaches “now” command, players approach their ball (2) as with fielding a slow hit ground ball. When players get to the ball, they freeze in ground ball fielding position (3) without picking ball up, at which time coaches check their footwork, ball alignment and glove/hands position. Once coaches are satisfied that each player is set in perfect fielding position, coaches say “now” again, at which time players grab ball, as in fielding with two hands, crow hop (4), and mimic a throw to target.

Team Fielding Drill Works

Coaches have players go back and do it again. Of course, when there is room available, coaches can set balls to players’ left and right sides, working on approaching balls off to the side, as well as backhand and forearm plays, having players freeze in correct fielding position, before picking ball up to throw with the correct footwork.

Once again, this team fielding drill a great way to teach ready position, a low approach to ball, ball alignment, fielding position, and the crow hop. Having players continue this team fielding drill until all players do it to the coach’s satisfaction is good.



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