Ultimate Athletic Goal – Breaking Personal Record Daily

Ever wonder why some succeed – it all has to do with the ultimate athletic goal of day by day, working to improve, no matter the results. That may seem obvious but never that easy when failure is a constant companion in the world of sports.

I don’t think I have ever told even one of my students to set statistical goals for themselves. Setting statistical goals, like hitting ten home runs this season, stealing thirty bases and striking out eight batters a game are great, but set kids up for failure, or contentment. More often than not, goals are not reached and the failure leads to discouragement, which erodes kid’s desire to keep playing. Sport success is very elusive for most athletes. On the other hand, players, who are fortunate to reach their goals, often become satisfied with their success and stop working hard.

Ultimate athletic goal

Ultimate athletic goal

Great athletes generally have one goal and that is working to improve every day. That is the ultimate athletic goal players should strive for. Coaches should remind kids that they do not have to prove anything to anyone, but that they have to improve. The real winners are the players that are much better at the end of the season than they were at the beginning. Many players start out the season well, because they are more physically gifted, but slack off as the season progresses because they are too satisfied. The hard workers are much better at the end than at the beginning, despite what any statistics may show. Working to improve daily and never becoming satisfied are the only ways to stay hungry, reach potential, and have no regrets.

Of course, this is easy for coaches to say, convincing kids of this ultimate athletic goal is another thing. All coaches can do is try.

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