Motivational Monday Tip of the Day – Hooking kids on Baseball

When I grew up, pre ESPN days, sports on TV generally consisted of baseball, football and some basketball, for the most part. Watching baseball not only made me a fan, but gave me the motivation to play it and it hooked me on baseball forever. Nowadays, there are so many other sports televised, where kids’ attention is sent in many different directions, leaving less chance of falling in love with baseball.

Students playing baseball

Students playing baseball (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Of course, seeing a sporting event live, is even more memorable. With that in mind, I always encourage youth baseball coaches to take the team out to a game, especially a high school or college one, so kids can observe and feel the excitement of baseball, encouraging kids to watch the action and cheer for a team. Even more, after watching a few innings of the game, break out the gear and hold a practice for the team (may have to go to a nearby field, of course). Often, after watching, kids’ excitement level is greater and a memorable practice is held.






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