Sunday Setting Sights on Success Tip of the Day – Don’t be Stubborn, or Shy

“If I only knew then what I know now.” I have thought that a million times since retiring from major league baseball. Unfortunately, I did not learn the “How and Why” of baseball fundamentals until after my career, even though I could apparently perform the skills. Without knowing the how and why, adjustments are tough to come by. Instead, there was a lot of tiresome, trial and error practice, uncertainty, and a lack of confidence. If I could do it all again, I would ask more questions and not give the impression I knew what I was doing.

Major League Baseball player Bill Reidy

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Players should never assume they know what to do and should seek the best knowledge available. Most kids are shy when it comes to asking questions, but coaches should encourage players to ask the how and why things need to be done a certain way. The greater the knowledge, the more players feel the situation is under control, paving the way for confident players. 

 Good Coaches Encourage Inquisitive Players

Good coaches should always end practice with, “Any questions,” and “Are you sure no one has any questions?”

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