Thursday Throwing Tips –Valuable Baseball Warm-up Drills

Being able to make throws and flips from many different arm angles and with different
footwork, is a necessity for infielders. Without this ability, throws take too
long to complete and thus outs are not possible on close plays.

Often, young players do not practice these various flips and throws enough,
if at all, and it is difficult and time consuming to practice these enough with
regular ground balls. After players’ arms are warm, at the beginning of
practice, players stay with their throwing partners and practice various flips
that are needed on the playing field.
All players should do all flips, because
the position they play at a young age is not necessarily the same one they will
be playing years in the future and one never knows when it will be needed in a
game. Of course, coaches can have players do one, a few or all-different flips
and throws each day.

Flips and Throws to Practice

First base – Players take turns being the receiver and the flipper – firm
underhand flips leading player on the run.

Second Base – Many throws and flips to practice

1. Firm underhand

2. Backhand flip with hand stopping right at target

3. Drop Knee and rotate with throw over the top

4. Spin feet and throw

5. Spin around and throw

Shortstop Flips

1. Drop right knee and throw over top

2. Backhand and jump spin to throw

3. Back hand, turn and throw

4. Backhand spin feet and throw

5. Back hand jump spin and throw

Third Base – Low throw, which is used as all infield positions

1. Set ball on ground next to their throwing side foot and players reach down
and throw from their – feet can be in various drills of open on this drill.

Of course, players receiving balls can practice catching these throws
correctly by either mimicking first base play (stretch for throw) or middle
infield (go meet throw) with glove side foot.

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