Saturday Secrets to Great Baseball Coaching – Bunting Philosophy

The bunting game is a tricky area for youth baseball coaches as it can help teams win games. However, many of them use it in a detrimental way. Coaches often have weaker batters bunt all the time or most of the time. Most players want to swing the bat and when they are asked to bunt continually, their confidence and fun often evaporates.

Bunt High schoolbaseball in Japan 2007 Hanshin...

Bunt High schoolbaseball in Japan 2007 Hanshin Koshien Stadium (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is important that baseball coaches have a bunting philosophy that they share with players and one that is fair to all players. Good coaches explain why they are asking players to bunt in certain situations and do not use it only because players are struggling to hit.

Of course, allowing struggling players to bunt on their own is also a good thing, as it may help struggling hitters to contribute to team success and gain confidence.

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