Wednesday Web Gem Tips – Zooming in on Setup Position of Fielders

What separates the good from the great? Attention to Detail

Something that is often overlooked is the setup position of fielders, even when they appear to be in ready position. Many players set their feet too close together and have to take a little jab step before crossing over and other players incorrectly set their feet too wide apart and sit so low that they have to stand up before moving side to side. Great fielding range comes from first step quickness, along with covering the maximum distance with this first step. Those happen when players have their feet the optimum distance apart with their weight evenly balanced and on the balls of their feet. A good way of finding this optimum position is having players jump their highest and hold the position they land in – no guarantee but this method works for most players, anyway. Additionally, this ready position is the same for all positions and for lead off position on base, with the only difference being how much bend is in the knees. For example, 1st and 3rdbaseman will have more bend than other positions.

Jared Heads to his Position

Image by Just Us 3 via Flickr


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