Thursday Throwing Tips – Team Throwing Warm-up Rule

It bugs me to see kids warm up throwing nonchalantly. It’s not that I expect them to play catch super quickly, after all it is just warm up time. However, there is no reason to catch the ball incorrectly and to take forever to return the ball to their catch partner.

Team Throwing Warm Up Practice

Mike Leake plays catch before game three of th...

Mike Leake plays catch before game three of the 2009 College World Series (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I call this pre practice or pre game throwing the “one thousand one rule and I inform the team of this rule the very first day of practice. While playing catch, even at home with mom or dad, players are required to catch the ball with one or two hands, as indicated by the location of the throw, and have the ball on its return by the time they can say, “one thousand and one.”  This is not the quick hands (quick feet) throwing drill, when players see how quickly they can throw the ball back and forth.

However, with this drill coaches will observe better throw-and-catch habits, without a lot of wasted time during pregame throwing.

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