Tuesday Tips to Tattoo the Ball – No fielders batting practice

Sometimes, young hitters do not realize where they hit balls. Many assume they use the whole field when hitting. Here is a good way to find out – have them go pick them up after batting practice. This may take a little more time, but the swing analysis it can provide is worth it.

There are times when it can be valuable to take batting practice on an open field, where players (and coaches) have to go and pick up all the balls after hitting them. This gives everyone a better idea of where they are hitting balls.

own work, all rights released (Public domain)

own work, all rights released (Public domain) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is never a good sign if all the balls end up in a particular field no matter the pitching. Generally, it can be assumed that batters receive half the batting practice strikes in the middle of the plate and a quarter on the inside and outside portion. With that in mind, the correct distribution of balls in the outfield would have half of them located from left to right centerfield, and a quarter in right and left fields.

Of course, when that is not the distribution within a small margin of error, coaches and players must analyze why that is not the result. It is necessary to remind players that location of the pitches determines where balls are hit and not the speed of pitches.

Of course, the same effect can be done with fielders by having a coach or player charting each player’s results. The results should give a good analysis of players swing and have baseball players focus on using the whole field more when hitting.

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