Sunday Setting Sights on Success Tip of the Day – Realistic Baseball Expectations

A few of the first comments I tell parents and players, when they come in for a batting lesson:

Baseball card of Charley O'Leary

Baseball card of Charley O’Leary (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Major league players have worked their whole life to perfect their hitting, but they never totally get it.”
“Unfortunately, you may not see the complete results of what you learn until next year.”
“If you perform one swing correctly and one swing incorrectly, you are not improving.”

The point is that most want a “quick fix” and or to have it all figured out tomorrow and that I am not a miracle worker. If that were the case, every player would turn into a major leaguer. It is an understatement, but baseball skills are hard, period and coaches can only tell players how to do it, they cannot do it for them. Realsitic baseball expectations are necessary for baseball players and parents.

The sooner players learn that you never totally get there, that it takes a long time to ingrain habits, and only perfect practice creates results, then and only then, do they have a chance at long-range baseball success.

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