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Monkey in the Middle – Fun Warm-up Throwing Drill


This fun warm-up drill is a variation of a quick hands throw and catch drill and is known as the monkey in the middle throwing drill. Once players have loosened up their arms, coaches have one player stand in the middle of each team member. Players stand in a circle approximately base distance away from the player (monkey) in the middle. Ball starts with the player in the middle, who alternately throws to each player, going around the circle. One coach counts the number of throws before a miss, at which time a new player goes in the middle. Another coach keeps time as to either how long it takes to complete a throw to each player or how many throws occur in the pre-designated time. The winning player is the one, who completes the greatest number of throws in the designated time.


monkey in the middle throwing drill

monkey in the middle throwing drill

Players are working on quick hands, quick feet, and accuracy, of course. Coaches can add different variations of this drill, as yelling a player’s name as soon as the player in the middle catches the ball, at which time the player has to locate that player before throwing to them. Another variation would be having the player in the middle throw to whichever player he wants to, in any order, at which time that player takes a seat until each player has handled the ball.


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