Developing Base Running Scholars with Mind Games

Using mind games as a baseball coaching technique is a great way to develop smart baseball players as well as getting players thinking about baseball situations more.

Early in the season, I like to have kids start thinking baseball situations, as well as practicing them. I tell them a situation and then see how they react, without actually doing it in a game setting.

Example of Baseball Mind Games

For example, I have three or four players take their lead off from first using a few first bases lined up and tell them how many outs there are. Next, they, take their secondary lead, when taking their secondary lead I yell what happened to the pitched ball – swing and a miss, or passed ball, or fly to right, line drive to third, and ground ball to second – whatever – and see how players react. Scenarios are endless to yell out, with different outs and batted ball possibilities to yell. Of course, based on coaches can teach the correct way to run the bases under each scenario.

Obviously, those with good baseball minds will know what to do, where others will be unsure, but of course, that is why you are doing it. Thinking about and learning game situations in their mind without it actually happening makes for smarter ball players in games.

Of course, coaches can do these mind games without even being on the field by giving baseball players the situation and asking them what they should do.


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