Thursday Throwing Tips – Preventing Throwing Errors

Math Quiz Throwing Drill

Baseball coaches should give this throwing drill a try and it may help their math scores.

A great number of errors are throwing ones, with that percentage even greater at the youth baseball level. Of course, improved throwing mechanics eliminates some of them, but many throwing errors can be prevented by increased focus on the target, even for kids with bad throwing mechanics.

Throwing drill

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This throwing drill is best done in the beginning with a baseball coach playing first base. After players are set out at infield positions, ground balls are hit. Right after players field the ball, the coach who is playing first base, flashes a number one to five with his bare hand, where the fielder looks and yells out the number as they are throwing the ball. This puts players focus on their target and in no time, coaches see improved throwing accuracy on infield ground balls. Over time, baseball players will begin to focus on their target when in games because of this drill. After kids get the idea of the drill, player first basemen do the math quiz drill by flashing the numbers.

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