Sunday Setting Sights on Success Tip of the Day – Necessary Baseball Adjustments

No matter how good a player’s baseball skills are, making the necessary baseball adjustments are the key to baseball success. The worst season I had in professional baseball occurred because I was slow to adjust. During spring training that season, pitchers were consistently pitching me inside and I was catching up to it and having a great spring. Day one of the regular season, pitchers were mostly pitching me away. I was slow to make the necessary baseball adjustment and found myself on the bench before long. It was a lesson learned the hard way, as the bench is hard for more reasons than one.

baseball adjustments

baseball adjustments

The point is that the opposition makes adjustments so baseball adjustments are necessary to counteract if one expects to have sustained success. Following are some of the basic baseball adjustments that are necessary.

Baseball Adjustments – Hitting

  1. Cut down on the swing with two strikes
  2. Learn to take what the pitcher gives, go with the pitch and learn pitcher’s tendencies
  3. Keep the count in  hitter’s favor
  4. Understand the umpire’s strike zone that day

Baseball Adjustments – Pitching

  1. Use the side of rubber that works that enhances pitches that day
  2. Adjust to umpire’s strike zone
  3. Use time in between pitches to best advantage
  4. Adjust speed of delivery, slow it down or speed it up as needed

Baseball Adjustments – Fielding

  1. Positioning based on hitter’s speed
  2. Positioning base on speed of pitcher
  3. Field conditions
  4. Score of game

Players, who learn to make baseball adjustments before, during and after games have the most long-term success.

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