February 25 – Saturday Secrets to Great Baseball Coaching

Secret to Coaching Happiness

One measure of coaching success is whether each player on the team wants to keep playing the following season. This is a huge challenge for youth sports coaches of course, as it is hard to keep all players content, not to mention their parents.

Kids play sports for the opportunity to play. Sitting on the bench is not that opportunity, of course. However, someone has to sit, at least at times. What successful coaches realize is that keeping bench players happy is often the key to a successful season, as well as coaching happiness. Good coaches give all team members the feeling that they are vital to the team’s success, whether they contribute on the field or not. Most players, who play the most, remain content because they are getting the wished for opportunity. However, keeping bench players happy is another thing.

How to keep bench players happy

  1. Keep them involved in some way – counting pitches, checking the defensive alignment, keeping the scorebook, yelling encouragement, are some examples of this.
  2. Teach the game to the bench players as if they were in the game and never ignore that they are there.
  3. Often, tell them to stay ready, that they will get their opportunity and that the team will need them, sooner or later.
  4. Explain to the team the importance of each team member to the team’s success.

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