Baseball Coaching Tip for Motivating Players

One of the first keys to successful youth coaching is allowing players to be themselves. Youth sports must be fun for kids and often, that fun is non-existent when coaches intimidate players to the point where they do not feel comfortable. However, being themselves sometimes mean that they have little self- motivation, so coaches must have means of motivating players. Many youth coaches intimidate with their threats or threatening tone of voice, and often without them even realizing it. That is not the best way of motivating players.

This does not mean that coaches have to be friends with all players and that stern talk isn’t needed occasionally, but intimidating tactics as, making kids run when they do not perform well, benching kids for poor play and demeaning their effort and character goes beyond the boundaries of good youth sports coaching.

motivating players

motivating players

Coaching tips for helping kids feel comfortable:

  1. Allow and encourage social interaction among teammates
  2. Allow kids to show their personalities, as long as not disruptive to team attitude
  3. Tell a joke to begin practice and encourage a lighthearted atmosphere
  4. Smile, especially when they do something correctly for the first time
  5. Encourage questions
  6.  Say something encouraging about players’ performances to their parents


Of course, there is a correct time and place for many of these motivating players suggestions, and simply being positive and optimistic helps kids be comfortable.

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