Saturday Secrets to Great Baseball Coaching – Earn the Team’s Respect

It is contradictory for coaches to preach team, teamwork, and team unity and then do the opposite with their behavior. Unfortunately, many coaches fall into this trap and fail to earn the team’s respect. It takes a strong coach to avoid letting some players drive them crazy to the point they become overtly negative towards those players. Once a coach fails to earn the team’s respect, it is difficult to get.
Demeaning comments in front of the team, which attack a specific player’s character or effort, is the easiest way to lose respect of your players and destroy the idea of team. Sometimes, direct comments may be appropriate, but they should be made in a one-on-one (or with player’s parents present) manner, and in a non-derogatory, honest way.

earn the team's respect

earn the team’s respect

Coaches may think other players are oblivious to treating some players negatively, but they would be mistaken to think that. Along those lines, coaches often fail to realize that behavior towards any player affects them all, whether they are the intended target or not, because more often than not, the players are friends, so they feel for their friend.
Additionally, players believe that if a coach can turn on some players in a negative way, they may turn on them at some point too, so players never trust the coach completely.
Once again, berating a player in front of others is the quickest way to lose respect of all. On the other hand, the simplest way to get the respect of your team is to show respect to all players, even the ones that drive the coach crazy.

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