Game-Winning Baseball Coaching Strategy – Scoring Position

One key to winning baseball games and especially fro scoring more runs has to do with getting runners in scoring position more often.

There are different rules at the youth level of baseball from the higher levels of baseball. To keep the games moving at the youth level and usually in travel ball tournaments, when there are time limits, it is customary to have a rule that teams can automatically have a pinch runner for the pitcher and catcher. Sometimes, this rule applies with two outs and sometimes whenever they get on base, depending on the tournament. The pinch runner to be used is the player in the batting order, who made the last out.

scoring position

scoring position

Because of that rule, where the player who made the last out runs for the pitcher and /or catcher, coaches should place a fast runner and one of their best base runners directly in front of the pitcher and catcher in the batting order.

Of course, that does not mean coaches should put a weak but fast player in front of them for that reason, but it gives teams a big advantage to have a fast base runner on base more often than would be normal. This baseball coaching strategy is especially effective if the pinch runner is a good at base stealing, as this makes this baseball coaching strategy even more effective. The ability to get players into scoring position more often obviously leads to more scoring opportunities and more wins, especially in tight ball games.







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