Sunday Setting Sights on Success Tip of the Day – Effective Ways to Instill the Right Way of Doing Things to Young Players

How to Be an Effective Sports Coach

Did you know? Just telling kids how to do sports’ skills rarely, if ever, changes how they are doing it. Muscle memory takes enormous amounts of repetition to perfect – especially skills like hitting, throwing, and fielding. Of course, you did, point is – continually yelling things like, “Keep your eye on the ball” or  “Throw strikes,” hardly ever solves the problem. Coaches must show them the correct way with video, pictures, and demonstration – then give them drills that will better their mechanics and help them prevent pulling their head. Never saw a hitter yet that intentionally pulled their head off the ball or one that decided they were not going to throw strikes. These drills will help the pulling the head problem.

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