Motivational Mondays Tip of the Day – Practical Advice is More Useful Than Motivational Quotes


Some Practical Things can make a Bigger Difference

Inspirational quotes and stories may help players’ careers, but kids often just roll their eyes at those and think they have no relevance to them. With tryouts coming up for many, especially high school players, constructive tips like these, “Make and maintain eye contact with the coaches when they speak,” “Show enthusiasm at all times during tryouts” and “ Try to be the first and never the last player to arrive at each position,” and “Always help with picking up gear” can be more helpful and make the difference in making the team. Coaches love to have players that pay attention, hustle, and make their job easier. How to Make the High School Team

Melrose High School X-Country Team 611-5x7

Image by Paul-W via Flickr

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