Saturday Secrets to Great Baseball Coaching – Simplicity is the Answer

I wrote a 200-page book – The Making of a Hitter– on how to teach hitting to baseball players. Does that make me knowledgeable about hitting? – yes and no. Yes, because that is many pages to fill. No, because good coaches know that the best way to teach anything is to keep it simple.

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One thing I tell baseball players is that whenever they feel out of sorts, it is always best to simplify their mechanics, as opposed to trying a million different changes. For example, the minute hitters fall into a little hitting slump, they begin working on an open or closed stance, thinking that is the solution. That type major change usually makes things worse.

Good coaches help players simplify in the following ways:

Hitting – Eliminate the stride for a while. This helps hitters stay back and just concentrate on the swing, without the timing of the stride getting in the way.

Pitching – Throw from the stretch position and do not rush through the delivery.

Fielding – Stay down more when approaching the ball – most issues arise from not seeing the hops and not being down.

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