Motivational Monday Tip of the DayBaseball Success is Hard because it is a Hard Game

I find myself saying these statements a lot when coaching youth baseball players:

“Don’t beat yourself up – baseball is hard,”
“Don’t let the other team know you are frustrated – then they have you.”
“Hanging your head drags the whole team down.”
“Big leaguers work on these things nonstop and still fail often.”

It’s upsetting to see kids get down on themselves because once frustrated they are often beat (mentally down) for the remainder of the game, or practice session. Of course, no one wants to fail and some frustration is normal, but players must understand that baseball skill is difficult and takes a great amount of repetition for only a little improvement.

Good coaches do not allow kids to beat themselves up mentally, whenever possible. Baseball coaches are not there to simply teach the game and the physical skills of the game, but also to help kids deal with disappointment and frustration.

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