I Have seen it Happen – Saved by Last Ditch Attempt

Coaches often get approached by parents who say their son wants to quit playing baseball. Sometimes, there is nothing that can change a kid’s mind. A last ditch attempt may change their mind – here’s how.

So often, people attribute the reason for players giving up playing baseball as players being “burned out.” That does happen of course, but the underlying reason is that their success level does not equal what it once was, or that the amount of work they are putting in is no longer showing up in the box scores. Other times, players are just not that talented so quitting is their first thought. Those are very understandable reasons for moving on and a day that eventually comes for all athletes.

Last ditch attempt

Last ditch attempt to save career

It is an equally tough day for parents to hear the “hanging up the spikes” news. When parents approach me with that empty feeling, the one thing I ask them is if they have ever had the player work with a great coach. Many have, but for those who have not, it could make all the difference. I have seen many a kid regain their desire and “sparkle in their eye” after working with a great coach.

The knowledge gained and encouragement given from a real good coach may change a player’s mind, especially when an increased measure of success often follows. This last ditch attempt at revitalizing a players attitude costs money usually, but parents will be saving a ton if it delays that inevitable retirement day, a year or two or three.

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