Getting a Head start

Getting a Head start

Monday Motivational Tip of the Day – Getting a Head Start is Now or Never

Following is one of those motivational talks that coaches use to help players develop the all -important ‘ Eye of the Tiger and for getting a head start on the competition.


“Great players know that, “You only control two things, your preparation, and your effort,” and that is the only way of getting a head start on the competition. Repeat, you control your preparation and effort, but only if you begin today, because beginning tomorrow means that someone is already ahead of you. You don’t have to do a ton of work this time of year, but even 5 minutes a day for something baseball, keeps you ahead of the competition. There are so many ways of getting a head start– read an instructional baseball article, squeeze a tennis ball, write down your goals for the upcoming season, think about some great plays you made last year, etc – starting today mean no regrets tomorrow or for the rest of the season. So it is in your hands, keep it under your control and do not give the opposition the edge, once given away, you may never recover. Best of Luck!



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