Rounding Bases Drill that Conditions Too

 Base Running Drill – Coaches choose two groups of players, as equally as possible based on speed. One group of players begins at second base, while the other group begins at home plate. On the coaches “go” command, the first player in each group takes off and circles the bases in a relay race. Once a player circles and touches the base, the next player takes off with the winning team being the first to have all players circle the bases.

This base running drill serves a number of purposes.

Rounding Bases Drill

Rounding Bases


  1. Great conditioning drill as players must run hard all the way around the bases, as well as giving them a good idea of just how far it is and that they must be in good aerobic condition to make that distance
  2. Shows kids that it is not always the fastest teams that win, but the ones that correctly “rounds” the bases the most efficiently
  3. Works on rounding the bases as coaches can observe and instruct along the way, making sure kids touch the correct part of the base
  4. Creates fun competition for kids


Of course, coaches can have two team players choose teams as they usually know the fastest runners. Combining fun competition, as with this rounding bases drill, with the correct way to round the bases the most efficient way, helps teams win games.


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