Throwing Mechanics Tips – Cloud & Worm Throwing

Many youth baseball players have a hard time throwing over the top. It is not mandatory they throw exactly from on top, as when a tennis player serves a ball, but throwing with a low elbow or sidearm does not allow for the carry on the ball to play most positions. Throwing mechanics that help players keep their elbows up so they get carry on the ball are crucial for throwing success.

 throwing mechanics

throwing mechanics

The one position where a low arm angle may be OK is pitching, but other positions require an overhand motion, especially by the time players reach the bigger ball field around age 13.

To help players learn to get on top, with their arm action and throws, coaches can have players throw straight up or straight down.

Throwing Mechanics Drills

Cloud Throwing – players pick out a cloud that is directly above and slightly in front of them before throwing and trying to hit the cloud.

Worm Throwing – Players pick out a spot just a couple of feet in front of them and try to bounce the ball to that spot with the intention of having the ball bounce high up in the air.

In order to throw directly up or directly down, players must raise their arm over the top, maintaining a high elbow, while getting good backspin on the ball. Repeating this throwing motion for a few practices generally creates better throwing mechanics for youth ballplayers. As with most sport skills, developing the correct throwing mechanics allows player to reach their potential.

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