Saturday Secrets to Great Baseball Coaching – Coaching in a Word

Coaches, When Lost for What to Say, Use this Magic Word

No one expects youth baseball coaches to be experts, or at least, they should not. However, coaches should know the basics. Using this one word will make a baseball coach sound like an expert, or at least it should impress people, and it gets a good point across to kids without having them think too much. It is not good for players to think too much in games so some of these are best for use in practice only.

If coaches forget what word they should think of the first thing they teach a dog to do and it is not “sit.”  

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Better Baseball Hitting Tips
1. Stay back (Don’t lunge)  2. Stay inside the ball (Don’t reach) 3. Stay behind the ball (Keep head back) 4. Stay balanced 5. Stay focused (See ball) 6. Stay Ready (Your pitch is coming)

Better Baseball Pitching Tips:
1. Stay balanced 2. Stay in line (direct) 3. Stay on top (Keep elbow up)  4. Stay behind (Don’t rush)  5. Stay focused

Better Baseball Fielding Tips
1. Stay ready 2. Stay down  3. Stay smooth 4. Stay focused – 5. Stay balanced

When in doubt baseball coaches cannot go wrong with “stay focused” and “stay balanced” and ‘stay within yourself” and “stay cool” and…

Of course, the list is endless, but using the word stay is a great step towards better baseball.

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