Baseball Throwing and Hitting Problems and Solutions

Few players are free of baseball throwing and hitting problems, at least occasionally. the ability to correct baseball throwing problems at an early age makes all the difference for an extended baseball career, as without those baseball adjustments, little success and motivation come.  

I am always telling my students that there is no rule that says you have to do it the same way every time. Of course, striving for consistency is always a goal, but that is very elusive for most athletes. Making adjustments are often necessary, until that consistency arrives.

It is hard to know how to make adjustments without knowing what is wrong, but it is possible by doing the opposite. Sometimes, mechanical problems are obvious, whereas often they are not. Even for the obvious ones, the solutions are not as simple as just telling players what is wrong. Either way, without consulting an expert, the solution can be found in doing the opposite for a spell.


For example, if pitchers are continually throwing high, have them intentionally bounce balls for a while in warm-ups and see if they don’t “meet in the middle” with getting the ball down after doing this. Same goes for throwing across the infield, when players are throwing balls in the dirt to first, have them try to heave a few over the first baseman’s head. When they go back to regular throws, often they have figured out the correct release point.

With hitting, when players are continually hitting ground balls, have them practice low pitches on the tee or with flipped balls until they can get the ball elevated. Of course, that is not as easy as it sounds but players, who are willing to experiment, will learn to adjust.

Players willing to try the opposite drills from what they are doing, improve the quickest and recover from their baseball throwing and hitting problems.    


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