Wednesdays Web Gems Tips – Little Things that Make the Player

Good coaches teach the little things, especially things that seem obvious, but are often neglected by ball players, even high-level baseball players. For example, it is surprising how often players take the ball out of their glove with more than two fingers after fielding the ball. Either this causes the player to re-grip the baseball, costing them time, or throwing a palm ball, costing them speed and accuracy on the throw.

The Power of Two

Bid McPhee playing second base without a glove

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Getting ready – on the pitch, good fielders take a walking two-step as the pitch approaches home, with their glove side foot (2nd one) landing as the ball reaches the hitting zone.

Lining it up – Good fielders consistently line every ball they can get in front of between their two feet and two eyes and catch the ball with two hands.

Ball transfer – after catching ball, good fielders take the ball out of the glove with a two-finger grip across the two seams.

Footwork – good fielders take a quick aggressive two-step crow hop towards their target after smoothly fielding the ball.


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