Friday Five Tool Tip – Strength, Conditioning Base Running Tips

Turtles Clogging the Base Paths

Spending money on developing good running form is as necessary as having a nice bat, glove, skills, etc…

I have witnessed parents spend thousands of dollars on travel baseball, baseball lessons, camps, clinics etc… That is all fine and good and it often produces a young ballplayer who can hit and throw. Unfortunately, the player gets to the high school level and does not make the cut. Why? Teams usually only have room for one designated hitter – the player cannot run and is too slow to play a defensive position.

Developing good running form is no different than developing the baseball skills of throwing and hitting and once bad habits form, they are difficult to change. Parents should have a child’s running form analyzed at a young age so good running technique develops early. Not all kids can be fast, but good running form can help and at least good running technique gives the appearance of speed. 


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