Trick Pitch

On Tuesday, I mentioned an early season drill I do with batters to understand the importance of hitting balance and direction. I do the same tricky thing with pitchers in order to teach pitching fundamentals. At an early spring practice, I roll bunted balls right at them before rolling ground balls to pitchers after they pitch the ball, in order to express the importance of pitchers being able to field their position, but more importantly…

The pitcher moves forward off the rubber as th...

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What I am really teaching

Sure, I want pitchers to be able to field the ball and to understand they are fielders after pitching the ball, but, I am really teaching them the importance of balance, direction and being under control with their pitching mechanics. Balance, direction, and staying within oneself (not overthrowing) are the keys to good pitching fundamentals and this point is made by being able to field their position, especially with balls directly back through the middle, which establishes good direction towards home plate.







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