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I Agree, but…

Speaking from experience, I would guess that most of the physical errors I made in my day (a lot of them, by the way) were actually mental errors, because of a lack of concentration. With youth baseball players, this probably has greater truth, as to why errors occur.

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It has always been good coaching practice to point out mental mistakes and stay away from mentioning physical errors, as they are going to happen. I agree, but … One could make a case that except for bad hops, most physical errors are mental ones. So, even though coaches should not criticize physical errors, they must be sure that the physical errors were not caused by hidden mental deficiencies; namely, a lack of concentration, scared of the ball or a lack of confidence.

All of those mental mistakes can be overcome if coaches make sure kids are concentrating and mentally prepared by:

  1. Forgetting their last at bat
  2. Wanting the ball hit to them
  3. Watching the ball at the point of contact like they are watching it when hitting themselves
  4. Putting all their concentration on seeing the ground ball each bounce on its way
  5. Staying low with their head and glove before receiving it
  6. Stay focused on their throwing target and all the way through the throw, as many fielders relax after the catch and lose concentration before making the throw.


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