Attack Hitting at a Young Age is Best

Young hitters are being taught to be very passive, power hitters, by putting everything into rotating – but how many of them really are going to have home run power?
I have been teaching hitting for a long time – the trend I have seen the last few years are many young hitters, who have great rotational movements, but simply do not attack the ball. There is nothing wrong with the rotational hitting technique in theory but for young hitters, most of whom will never be strong enough to hit home runs, they never develop the strong hands and aggressive attitudes to attack hitting because they are simply using the big muscles to spin before developing strong hands and

forearms to attack the ball. Once hitters aggressively throw their hands to and through the ball with the correct hand position at contact, then I concentrate on using their lower body effectively. Initially using front arm drills with hitters is a good first step in this process as most hitters are weaker with their lead arms.

Remember, great major league players who use the rotational hitting technique are still aggressive with attack hitting by using with hands and tension-free swings.

How to Teach Attack Hitting

1. Have hitters learn to pull slightly with their lead hand as their first move – otherwise the bat does not get on the correct path to the ball.

2. Have batters keep their front shoulder on the ball with an aggressive weight shift from the back side to the front side.

Finally. the common word spin, used by hitting coaches, often gets batters pulling off the ball, when the word attack works better.


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